Talacauvery and Bhagamandala Are The Two Highly Sacred Places in Coorg

Coorg has been an amazing assortment of enriched tourist attractions. This is the main cause behind tourists on a thousand basis reach this serene place every year and for the local it’s a simple weekend getaway.

Blessed with the natural beauties and star shine appearances, Coorg is one of the most loved destinations for a natural exposure and serene environment. This is one of those dreamt off destinations that is not just a beauty but, a blessed feel of calmness, too.

Considerably filled with a number of tourist places to enjoy and celebrate, there are few special places that are not just tourist sites but, a real sacred place for the locals.

Talacauvery and Bhagamandala are two of such highly scared areas in Coorg that have a pretty significant importance of their own. Holding rich cultural values of the local people in Coorg, these places have a special place in their hearts. Located at the confluence of three scared rivers- Cauvery, Kannike and Sujyothi, Bhagmandala has an amazing locality to look forward to. The Bhagandeshwara temple located on the banks of both the rivers offers an amazing sacred feel being here and thus, is considered as one of the important pilgrimage centres in Coorg. The river flowing by the side of the temple makes it even more attractive and agile. People have been visiting this place for building an amazing connection with God.

Talacauvery is known to be the birthplace of the sacred river Cauvery, and Bhagamandala, is actually located on the foothills of the Talcauvery. Both these places are located around 39 km away from the district of Madikeri.
Pilgrims only proceed to Talcauvery once they have offered worship at Bhagamandala. It is basically a regional custom. The Coorg men are also believed to shave their head at Bhagamandala in the case of bereavement in the family. Being a highly held scared place for the local Coorg folks, you will easily find a conveyance that will take you to both the places from any of your Coorg homestay or hotels in Coorg.

Whether you are living in a Coorg Homestays or any of the hotels in Coorg, reaching both these places isn’t a tough job. There are ample number of local cabs and taxis that can take you to these places at a very considerable price.

However, there are a small issues that goes and comes around the place is regarding the cleanliness and hygiene standards that are spoilt by the tourists coming here. Nevertheless, being the responsible tourist, we can definitely preserve the unique and sacred essence of this amazing place.

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