10 Phenomenal Things To Do in Coorg

Coorg holds the most astounding vicinity for the tourists coming in here!

Located on the lined structure of the Western Ghats, this Scotland of India has a number of unbelievable things to explore and enjoy.

Let’s have a look at the 11 phenomenal things to do in Coorg!

Spending the day walking around Chikli Holé

Chikli Hole is one of the most amazing places to witness the natural beauty in Coorg. You can find a number of cows eating green grass and miles of greenery spread all around. This is a perfect place to take a long walk or enjoy your picnic. Don’t miss the hidden Shiva temple that is only known by the locals.

Bathing with the elephants

Bathing with these huge yet cute species is one of the most splendid things to do in Coorg. You can find a number of Hotels in Coorg located around this vicinity. Visit the Dubare elephant camp to enjoy this blast and be with them while they rest and recoup themselves in the water around.

Stay at cosy homestay

Staying at a local Coorg Homestay is another significant thing to do while, in Coorg. It’s not just the comfort standards to enjoy but, the authentic local essence to enjoy while, at such a place.

Wandering around the ancient Madikeri

The ancient Madikeri town is full of forts, cool museums and local blessings to enjoy.

Coffee, coffee, COFFEE

Apart from the coffee plantation tours, Coorg is also famous for its souvenir coffee.

Wine tasting

If you think Coorg has got nothing to do with wines, it will surely interest you to know that it offers random flavours of betel nut and pineapple.


Bylakuppe holds the second biggest Tibetan colony in Karnataka. It is a real fun to experience their real tradition and the amazing taste they bring in from their own culture. Apart from this, there are amazing temples, restaurants, local Tibetan artists, hair stylists, and a number of markets to explore around.

Jeep drive through Mandalpatti

If you are looking for some of the magnificent views around Coorg, there’s no other place better than Mandalpatti. You will surely love the jeep ride through the Western Ghats. Even though this nature safari is a bit of a bumpy ride, all you are going to experience is super fun.

Trek at Thadiyandamol

Trekking around Thadiyandamol is another amazing idea to explore the nature-scapes of Coorg. Take a 1-2 hour trek and you will enjoy the awe-striking views all around. But, beware of leeches staying all around the place.

The secret waterfall- Iruppu and Cheldara

Both these secret waterfalls deserve a must stop over. Even though, the path to walk under is slightly broken, but you can easily get through it and also swim a little here.

Pack your bags for the real fun to enjoy and explore in Coorg!

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