Experiencing The Monsoons in Coorg

With the thunderstorms coming around, it’s now the time for the monsoons to start a fully fledged show pretty soon. The onset of monsoon brings in a lot of fun and opens the doors of excitement.

Time to plan for an amazing trip in the lap of mother nature!

When Coorg is on the list nothing else can replace it. Called as the Scotland of India, it is one of the best places to tour around in the coming monsoons. Exquisite natural surroundings, fresh aroma of the spices and coffee plantations, everything about Coorg is simply amazing.

Situated at a 6 hour drive from Bangalore, this is the best getaway from the busy city life of Bangalore. Even though, Coorg in itself is a beautiful place to enjoy a stay in but, monsoon makes it even better. The scenario views and the outshining greenery appear even more appealing with the droplets of rain falling around and reflecting through the sunrays falling on them.

In fact, monsoons are the best time to be here. The brightest green tends to outshine during this tenure of the year. So, missing a sight of this delightful place in the monsoons is definitely a big miss. In order to make your visit even better, you can always look for suitable Coorg package. Such packages have almost everything offered in the same package. Right from the touring plans, itinerary supports, Coorg Hotel booking, food facilities and other transportation facilities, they offer everything under one single Coorg package.

Such packages are well recommended because they are a one stop solution to all kinds of touring needs for an individual. Available at the best prices, they offer packages inclusive of the best offers that fit in the pocket. No more extravaganza and higher spending on exploring an unknown place with a reliable Coorg package for experiencing the beauty of Coorg in the coming monsoons.

Places of Consideration in Coorg

Coorg pleases the eyes of the beholder with just stepping at this lovely location but, there are definitely a number of tourist attractions to enjoy being here.

Mentioned below is a list of the best considerable places of tourist attractions in Coorg:-

  • Raja’s Seat
  • Mojo Plantation Hike
  • Shopping at the Coorg Greens
  • Coffee Plantations
  • Spice Plantations
  • Abbey Falls
  • Dubare Elephant Camp

Take time to explore these amazing places at this nature’s blessing and enjoy the nature’s goodness at Coorg. Be a part of its beauty and you will surely love it. Monsoon is the best part of the climate for being here and this monsoon doesn’t forget to enjoy this amazing chance and explore the magnificence of Coorg. Either you can plan an individual trip or a Coorg Package as per your convenience and enjoy the perfect show.

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