What To Do And What Not To Do When in Coorg?

Are you up for the next vacation flavour, on board?

If yes! Just pack your bags for the ultimate flavour of Coorg!

Known to be the treasured sightseeing junctures of the Southern India, Coorg calls for an exciting stay and enjoyment when at this place. Situated closed to Mangalore, you can easily reach this place taking a cab or a bus from the city. Apart from the destination city of Coorg, even the journey that leads to this place is simply amazing and worthwhile. You will enjoy almost every bit of this wonderful place.

Another favourable destination to reach Coorg is via Bangalore, but one should always make sure you aren’t leaving any of these cities in the evening else you would have to suffer the biggest nightmare of traffic, especially in Bangalore.

Apart from the traffic lessons, there’s a lot to keep in mind when leaving for Coorg or its better to say there’s a lot of what to do and what not to do for your Coorg trip.

Make sure to book your Coorg Hotel or home stay in time so as to rest and relax as you reach there. Failing to book a hotel before reaching the place may even land you into a problematic situation of falling prey to situations like non availability of rooms, etc.

If you are very pious and keen on temples, there are a few places you can enjoy the show of real godliness. The Kaveri Sangam is one such place. The Golden temple or the Buddhist monastery is another perfect place.

Mandalpatti is another amazing place to take a look at as most of the romantic Kannada movies have been shot as this ecstatic location, itself. Reaching here, you cannot resist rolling your windows down and breathing in the fresh air touching your face. This forms to be an amazing destination for photo shoots lovers.

Talakaveri and Abbey falls are located close to each other and tend to remain as the top place to visit by the tourists coming to Coorg. This beautiful waterfall is a simple stream of water falling from the top. This isn’t a huge fall so only if you wish to witness the beauty of this place, you must go there. Also, remember Talakaveri is the commencement point of river Kaveri and is of sacred belief for the locals. It’s not just any tourist place, so make sure you do not vandalise the sanctity of the place.

Raja’s Throne is a normal place who wishes to find adventure in here. It’s a nature blessed location for pleasing the eyes with its total serenity. So, if you aren’t that type it’s not the place for you. However, you can go trekking in the forest areas enveloping the Abbey fall.

The Dubare elephant caves are an amazing place to enjoy with the elephants.

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