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Coorg is one of the most amazing places to visit in South India. Situated close to Bangalore, Mysore, and Mangalore, it is a rural district in south-western Karnataka that is famous for its scenic beauties. The place is known for the native warrior people called the Kodavas and the expansive shade-grown coffee plantations. There are rolling hills and tropical evergreen forests. The Kodavas lead a wonderful and harmonious life within the rough terrain of the mountainous region and are progressing at a modern pace. You would love the wonderful atmosphere here staying at the Hotels in Coorg.

The Hotels in Coorg would offer you a nice place to put up while you travel around the place, making wonderful memories along the way. Rahul Villa is one of the best Hotels in Coorg and is located in the center of Madikeri. It would be ideal for families who like to visit the popular tourist spots in Coorg. You would be enjoying a wonderful homestay with a Kodava family. While you are there, you should make your way to the Dubare Elephant Camp. It is a beautiful natural river island where there is an elephant training camp on the banks of the river Cauvery. People visit the place and experience the feeding, bathing and taming of the elephants.

You could also try out some different places while you stay at the Resorts in Coorg. You could also visit the Madikeri Fort. It is known to be very wonderful and has an imposing structure that had been built in the European style. The English church present inside involves a plain Gothic style. The Resorts in Coorg would be very comfortable for you and let you enjoy the other amazing attractions like Harangi Dam, the Tibetan Golden Temple, and Omkareshwara Temple.

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Coorg is the other name for Kodagu, which is a rural district in the state of Karnataka. The place is quite close to Bangalore, Mysore or Mangalore. The place is known for the native warrior people called Kodavas. There are extensive shade-grown coffee plantations, tropical evergreen forests and rolling hills. There is a strong cultural condition among the Kodavas who live harmoniously within the rough terrain the mountains and are progressing at a modern pace. The people are very friendly and will make the visit in Coorg a memorable one. There are numerous sights and the sounds of this place are amazingly beautiful. You can surely find some amazing Hotels in Coorg to make the stay a more enjoyable one.

The Hotels in Coorg are really wonderful and you would find it really pleasing to stay there. Located 22 km from Madikeri town, you can enjoy the beautiful chain of the green mountain range at Mandhalpatti, which is covered with vast open grasslands and valleys. The route is quite adventurous with steep curves and zigzag tracks. You should also try out the Omkareshwara Temple which is just a kilometer from the Madikeri town. It is a beautiful Shiva temple which was built by Kinng Lingaraja II to appease the spirit of a Brahmin. The structure has Islamic and Gothic styles. The shrine of Bhagamandala can also be visited. There are numerous wonderful sites in Coorg and finding the best Hotels in Coorg would make it easier for you.

The elephant camp in Dubare is probably the next thing in Coorg worth checking out. People like to visit the place and enjoy the unusual experience of bathing, feeding and the taming of the elephants. The Tibetan Golden temple can be checked out as well. It is a feast for the eyes in Bylukuppe. The temple is adorned with 60 ft Buddha statue. There are wonderful shopping marts as well. The only reservoir in Kodagu is built across the tributary of Cauvery and has a height of 47 meters and is about 846 meters wide. The place is a wonderful picnic spot. Get the best Hotels in Coorg to enjoy these places. The Resorts in Coorg are amazing and would let you enjoy an amazing scenic beauty.

Rahul Villa will provide the perfect opportunity for you to have a comfortable stay in Coorg

Resorts in Coorg are really very wonderful and you would be able to see that Rahul Villa is one of the most amazing ones. It is located in the midst of a peaceful residential place where one can have the same comforts of their home. The place is an independent house and is one of the best Resorts in Coorg. The guests can have complete privacy during the stay. The hosts would live in the house just behind the homestay. The Coorg Rahul Villa homestay would be ideal for families who would like to visit the popular tourist spots in Coorg and enjoy and experience a homestay.

Home Stay experience at Coorg in your limited budget

Coorg, the Kashmir of South India. It is formally known as Kodagu, is the most wealthy slope station in Karnataka. If you are a nature lover then this place is best for you to visit and explore the destination in your budget. One of the highest visited tourist destinations in Karnataka is Coorg.

Various hotels and home stays are available for those who all are visiting Coorg, from budget to high-end ranges. If you are looking for budget homestay then Rahul Villa is the best among all the Coorg Home stays. This is located in the serene hill station town Madikeri in Karnataka, India. Plan your holiday this time in this Rahul villa. The home stay is an independent house where anyone can have the same luxury comforts like their own home, especially with the Rahul villa homestay.  This villa is quite big as 11 members can stay there. This is quite nice and wonderful experience for big families as well as for small also, who all wants to visit and explore Coorg’s popular tourist spots as well as experience a home-stay. The guests will get complete privacy there is no need to worry about that.

As, there is  3 Deluxe Bedroom, 1 Deewan cot Bed, 4 Additional Beds on the floor. Rooms are amazing. You will get dinner in two options veg and nonveg at best price. If rooms and hospitality is the perfect then there is no need to take a second thought on that.

Enjoy your stay in between the beautiful lawns, exotic scenery and lush greenery within your budget and make your vacation memorable. Spend the time according to your convenience which may include a walk along the greenery and mountains. Spend your beautiful time in the blossom of Mother Nature while you visit this destination.